Falcon student-athletes awarded new ‘Principal’s Coin’

The school’s morning announcements are produced and directed by students daily and played on Promethean and Smart Boards in classrooms throughout the school. The information is informative and generally includes basic information that students need to know.  The morning announcements even come complete with a weather report at the end of each broadcast.

Along with the weekly ‘I Make a Difference’ award that changes hands between staff members, principal Dr. Kelly added a new component.  There is now a weekly award dedicated to honoring high achieving student-athletes who succeed on the field and in the classroom, and are chosen by their [respective] coaches while their sport is in season.  The idea is that different teams and student-athletes will be recognized on a rotating basis.

According to Kelly, the school’s Athletic Booster Club came up with the idea to honor one female and one male student-athlete. So, each week, Dr. Kelly introduces and awards students on the morning announcements.

The student-athletes will receive a ‘Principal’s Coin’ as recognition, a rare and valuable award available only to the these stand-out students. The first two student-athletes to become officially recognized were seniors Jackson Morgan (varsity football) and Cayla Katz (Cross Country). Morgan and Katz both currently maintain 4.0 grade point averages and lead their teams as captains in their respective sports.

“I am honored to be the first male-student athlete of the week; I will push myself, continuing to be successful in both school and on the football field,” Morgan said.

Senior Kloe Jones, who cheers competitively, and sophomore Ryan Lemmon, who plays golf were chosen to receive the 2nd student-athlete of the award.

Dr. Kelly plans to continue recognizing student-athletes throughout the year. During the first nine weeks, he will award a new pair of students the award every week, then moving to every two weeks for the rest of the school year.

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