Marching Falcons stay stellar on the field

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The schools’s Fine Arts department includes classes such as Theater and the Falcon Stage Company, as well as Chorus and the Madrigals who, together, hold several titles in their areas of expertise.

The Marching Falcons Band is yet another of these Fine Arts classes that continues to break records with the amount of competitions they have won[collectively].

Band Director Mike Lane is no stranger to hard work and instills the same values in his band students; he continues to lead the Marching Falcons to victory after victory . The actual “season” begins each year in August with a two week band camp that is five days a week, and where students must practice in the heat for at least ten hours each day to get the band a good 100 hours of practice before the first competition.

“Band camp was a hot, intense atmosphere, but we all have fun and push through together and make an awesome product at the end,” senior Isaiah Overly said.

During the time at camp, various leaders are chosen as well including: drum major, band captains, percussion captains, a woodwind captain, brass captains, and a color guard captain. Then, the marching formations are composed by the drill writer, who puts them down on grid paper, usually including 60 drill pages per composition.

Their first competition was the Cavalier Classic at Princess Anne High School (PA) at the end of September.  Due to the band’s size, Marching Falcons are classified as Group 2. At PA, the band emerged victorious as Group 2 champions with the best music and color guard.

“The leadership is pretty good this year. They’re doing a good job, with their assertiveness and demanding attitude, so far. It brings out the best of every single player,” senior Abby Campbell said.

The Marching Falcons placed 2nd at the Tidewater Regional competition, winning best music and best color guard. They also held their home competition, the Falcon Classic, which brought in several bands from around the region. Unfortunately, they could not compete as the host bands are not allowed to compete for points at their competition. PA. who happens to be their biggest competition, won the Falcon Classic.

“I felt the classic went really well,” freshman Ryan Overly said. “Everyone seemed to have a great time and lots of fun.”

Their most recent competition was last Saturday in Newport News, where the Marching Falcons once again won overall, while also winning the best music category.

The band has just three competitions left, the last of which is at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. If they score high enough, Falcons will qualify for the Commonwealth Cup. A win at the Commonwealth Cup means the Marching Falcons become state champions

“I would rate the band a ten out of ten, because I believe in them and their work ethic,” Lane said.

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