Humans of CHS: January 2020 Edition

“I grew up with three younger brothers. We’d always play pretend school and I was always the teacher. I love working with children and helping them succeed because their faces are full of smiles when learning! Being a kindergarten teacher would be my dream job because at that age, the students have the heart to learn and come to school with open eyes, which makes teaching more fun! My junior year, I decided to take Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow (VTFT) l to delve into learning about teaching. I interned at Linkhorn Park Elementary School (LPES) with my kindergarten teacher, Ms. Houlihan, and had the best experience ever. I then decided to take VTFT ll this year and am currently interning with Ms.Houlihan again. I’m having so much fun going to LPES throughout the week and seeing the students run up to me and yell “Emma’s here!” each time I walk in the door to teach their young minds. I’m excited to continue on my path in education as I plan to pursue a degree in Elementary Education throughout college.”

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