Humans of CHS: January 2020 Edition

As a tribute to the social media blog "Humans of NY", the Falcon Press staff decided to create a spin-off entitled, "Humans of Cox". Staff members will roam the hall each month and find a human with an inspirational bit of advice, unusual story to tell, or who simply wants to chat about life.

“Last year, me and a few of my close friends created the Latin Club. It was a little bit ironic because most of us didn’t even know how to speak a word of the Latin language. It was really fun at the beginning because we would just eat, hang out, and catch up on each other’s day. Word got out and more and more people continued to join. It wasn’t a serious club, it was just pure fun and the attitude of the room was always positive. We did a few announcements in the mornings to raise money to purchase t-shirts and that’s when the population of the club was the largest. We had about 50 people attend each meeting and everyone had a great time. Unfortunately, last year, Ms. Hall, our sponsor, left and the club was disbanded. I am sad that there is no longer a Latin Club, however, I am fortunate to have made so many amazing memories within it.”

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