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Humans of CHS: June 2019 Edition

As a tribute to the social media blog "Humans of NY, " the Falcon Press staff decided to create a spin-off entitled, " Humans of CHS. " Staff members will roam the halls weekly until they find a " human" with an inspirational bit of advice, unusual story to tell, or who simply wants to chat about life.

” One of my favorite things to do after I get out early is go to Chick’s Beach and relax on the sand with my friends. I think of the beach as being the most beautiful part of Virginia Beach. I meet so many people at the beach, and get the opportunity to get a sun tan. Also, we are able to bring any food and drink that we want to the beach so it makes the bay even more appealing. There are amazing local restaurants nearby like Bubba’s Seafood and Chicks Oyster Bar that we usually go to before or after the beach. At Chicks, we usually sit outside and are able to see artist Pharrel Williams house! There is something about the warm sand in-between your toes that eases the stress of senior year, and makes me want to stay there forever. The beach is a sanctuary, warm, and fun place in our community that we all have the privilege of enjoying. Beautiful birds fly across the sky, the breeze from the ocean brushes across my face, and I feel at peace, at home.”

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Humans of CHS: June 2019 Edition

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