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Humans of CHS: March 2019 Edition

As a tribute to the social media blog "Humans of NY, " the Falcon Press staff decided to create a spin-off entitled, " Humans of CHS. " Staff members will roam the halls weekly until they find a " human" with an inspirational bit of advice, unusual story to tell, or who simply wants to chat about life.

” Certaintly unlike most, I was born in Japan and lived there until I was 11 years old. I was definitely nervous about moving to the United States afterwards because I had been so accustomed to my life in Japan. My original ethnicity is Japanese, Native American, Caucasian and French, so living in Japan has taught me about cultural differences and understanding foreign individuals and countries more. My favorite thing about Japan was the beautiful scenery. For example, the cherry blossoms and unique architecture were the little things that made me fall in love with Japan, and make it so unique. Also, all of the people that live in Japan are so sweet and friendly. I always felt safe anywhere I was in Japan, since I walked pretty much everywhere. Cars weren’t really necessary since everything in Japan is so close to each other, and if you needed to travel long distance, the subway was available and fun! Also, the food was absolutely amazing, especially crepes! I certainly have had to adapt to my new life in America, however, I believe it was for the better. Since I’ve been here, I have been introduced in to a plethora of opportunities including horse back riding, which I do almost every day! I have learned so much living in America, and while it may not be home, it’s starting to feel like it.”

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Humans of CHS: March 2019 Edition

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