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2015-2016 Staff

Erin Tonelson

English 12/ Journalism I, II, III teacher Falcon Press Online Newspaper Adviser Cox HS JV Girls Soccer Head Coach Cox HS Media Liaison Quill and Scroll Honor Society sponsor  

Anna Michaud

Senior Journalism III student Anna likes to play soccer.

Audrey McGovern

Senior Journalism III student Audrey’s favorite quote is, “To be hardcore, you have to live hardcore.”  

Ian Lichacz

Senior Journalism III student Ian enjoys scuba diving and sailing when he's not on his horse.

Ben Darnell

Senior Journalism III student Ben loves sunsets, but not sunrises.

Skylar Mailhes

Senior Journalism III student Skylar likes to snowboard and travel.

Kelsey Lipscomb

Senior Journalism III student Kelsey plays soccer and loves the beach.  

Olivia McNulty

Senior Journalism III student Olivia's favorite quote is, "To be hardcore, you have to live hardcore."  

Adia Horvath

Senior Journalism III student Adia plays guitar and loves her dog and the beach.

Seyler Robertson

Senior, Journalism II Editor-In-Chief, Multimedia Editor Seyler is a self-taught photographer.  

Brantley Bissette

Senior, Journalism III Editor-In-Chief Brantley leads a youth group and likes to surf.

Hope Weaver

Senior, Journalism III Editor-In-Chief, Opinion Editor Hope likes to read and write in her spare time.

Chris O’Brien

Senior, Journalism II Managing Editor Chris plays lacrosse and his favorite animal is a penguin.

Dominick LaCaze

Junior, Journalism II Sports Editor Dominick plays football.

Ellie Gilden

Senior, Journalism II Social Media Editor Ellie plays on the varsity girls soccer team and enjoys going to the beach, swimming, and boating.

Alexis Gingerich

Senior, Journalism II Press Life Editor Alexis plays field hockey and soccer and loves Chipotle.

Hayley Needham

Senior & Journalism III student. Hayley plays on the Girls Varsity Soccer team, loves the beach, and her goal is to be a news anchor.

Brooke Moore

Senior & Journalism III student. Brooke loves the beach and wants to be a teacher.

Hope Weaver

Junior & Journalism II student. Hope enjoys reading and loves chocolate.

Chris Haller

Senior & Journalism II student. Chris is on the school's wrestling team.

Cameron Felch

Senior & Journalism II student. Cameron plays field hockey and lacrosse for the school.

Trevor Greaney

Senior & Journalism III student. Trevor has two cats.

Sarah Bryant

Junior & Journalism III student. Sarah is a gymnast and enjoys going to the beach in her free time.

Seimi Park

Senior & Journalism II Student. Seimi plays on the school's tennis team and loves photography.

Brantley Bissette

Junior & Journalism II student. Brantley leads a youth group and likes to surf. He is an avid bird watcher.  

Jessica Knox

Senior & Journalism II student. Jessica plays soccer for the school and loves the beach.

Alexis Smith

Senior & Journalism II student. Alexis participates with the yearbook staff. She loves photography and the beach.

Taylor Koontz

Senior & Journalism II student. Taylor plays volleyball and enjoys fashion.

Erin Houston

Senior & Journalism II student. Erin is the Class of 2016 Treasurer and enjoys Friday afternoons at Taste with Seimi.

Catalina Perez

Senior Journalism II student. Catalina is in SCA and loves to travel.

Regan Keen

Senior & Journalism II student. Regan loves Chipotle and going to the beach.

Sam Adams

Senior & Journalism II student. Sam loves cats and attending shows.

Hunter Majewski

Senior & Journalism II student. Hunter loves animals and sushi.

Zach Lerman

Senior & Journalism II student. Zach plays on the school's Varsity Football team.

Kathryn Arntsen

Senior & Journalism II student. Kathryn is a member of the school's Key Club.

Ashlee Jaworsky

Senior & Journalism II student. Ashlee likes roller coasters, the beach, and scary movies.

Falyn Kelly

Senior & Journalism II student. Falyn loves Photography and the beach.

Myia Campbell

Senior & Journalism II student. Myia aspires to become a professional photographer.

Jessica Peck

Senior & Journalism III student. Jessica is the Crew Club president and loves to read.

Chris Obrien

Junior & Journalism I student.

Emma Emmerson-Greene

Junior & Journalism I student. Emma loves reading and enjoys writing.

Anna Michaud

Sophomore & Journalism I student. Anna plays soccer for Virginia Rush.

Skylar Mailhes

Sophomore & Journalism I student. Skylar enjoys snowboarding.

Ellie Gilden

Junior & Journalism I student. Ellie enjoys playing soccer.

Adia Horvath

Sophomore & Journalism I student. Adia plays soccer.

Micheal Lawlor

Junior & Journalism I student. Micheal loves filming and creating videos.

Johnny Baseel

Senior & Journalism I student. Johnny loves to get creative.

Olivia Merklinger

Junior & Journalism I student. Olivia plays field hockey and soccer.

Taegen Kim

Senior & Journalism I student. Taegan plays soccer and her dream is to travel the world.

Cassidy Atchison

Junior & Journalism I student. Cassidy's favorite joke is, "What do you call a cow with no legs?"  Ground beef."

Phoebe Hulls

Senior & Journalism I student. Phoebe loves spending time with her friends and family.

Kelsey Lipscomb

Sophomore & Journalism I student. Kelsey's favorite quote is, "This is the closest I've gotten to famous."  

Phoebe Large

Junior & Journalism I student. Phoebe plays field hockey and loves listening to Beyonce.

Georgia Drescher

Junior & Journalism I student. Georgia plays on the varsity field hockey team.

Jordan Clemens

Junior & Journalism I student. Birds are Jordan's favorite animals and bananas are his favorite fruit.

Chase Wootton

Senior & Journalism I student. Chase likes to snowboard and travel to new places.  

Gabrielle Janotta

Sophomore & Journalism I student. Gabrielle loves telling puns.

Lauren Hillier

Sophomore & Journalism I student. Lauren plays field hockey and soccer for the school.

Alexis Gingerich

Junior & Journalism I student. Alexis plays field hockey and soccer.

Alex Davidson

Senior & Journalism I student. Alex plays soccer and is allergic to grass.

Eva Dulong

Senior & Journalism I student. Eva's favorite quote is, "Live simply, things happen."

Ben Darnell

Sophomore & Journalism I student. Ben loves to go boating.

Dominick LaCaze

Sophomore & Journalism I student. Dominick likes to play football.

Ian Lichacz

Sophomore & Journalism I student. Ian loves sailing and believes it is the best sport in the world.

Tyler Foley

Senior & Journalism I student. Tyler loves to travel.

Karlie Terry

Staff Writer Junior & Journalism I student. Karlie's favorite quote is, "You are what you love, not who loves you."

Shelby Jackson

Staff Writer. Junior & Journalism I student. Shelby's favorite quote is, "Above all, love each other deeply because love comes over a multitude of sins."

Audrey McGovern

Sophomore & Journalism I student. Audrey's favorite quote is, "To be hardcore, you have to live hardcore."

Marqus Cooley

Junior & Journalism I student. Marqus runs track.

Taylor Karvala

Senior & Journalism I student. Taylor loves to watch Netflix.

Seyler Robertson

Junior & Journalism I student. Seyler is a self-taught photographer.

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