“The Adam Project” inspires people, believe in themselves

I’m not much of a sci-fi person, however, this movie caught my attention. I found the movie, “The Adam Project” on Netflix while randomly searching for something to watch. It was created by the production companies 21 Laps Entertainment, Maximum Effort, and Skydance Media.  I have seen some good movies from these companies before so I thought I would check it out, and I’m glad that I did.

Twelve-year-old Adam (Walker Scobell) is having a hard time in school, he gets into fights, and his overall behavior is much to be desired. Most of the reason for Adam’s change in behavior though is that he misses his dad (Mark Ruffalo) who has passed away. Young Adam is just generally struggling.

Then, one day, he finds his older self sitting at home. Apparently, he discovers that the older version of Adam (Ryan Reynolds) has come back from the future to basically save himself. This sparks an epic adventure for both versions of the younger and older Adam, complete with time travel and the epic addition of fighting evil villains from the future. 

The actors were pretty awesome, there is nothing bad to say about them. The movie was definitely humorous, but the best aspect of “The Adam Project” was the added ‘love’. The love of a family is so present in this movie that someone watching the movie can feel it too. This is probably the first time I’ve experienced that in a movie and it really caught me by surprise. 

I, personally, prefer more realistic movies, and since this is a sci-fi movie it is anything but realistic. That’s the only ‘bad’ thing about the movie. It is a preference thing, and if you enjoy sci-fi this is just the movie for you.

The theme in “The Adam Project” is believe in yourself, and connect with yourself. This is a great theme since it is something many people struggle with and can relate to struggling with. This movie shows that to do so is ok but you can get over it.

I definitely recommend watching “The Adam Project.” It is an extremely well-made family movie. Overall, it teaches a relatable lesson and is a fantastic movie.