Graduation ceremonies find new home, Veteran’s United Home Loans Amphitheater

At one of the most recent school board meetings, Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) announced that all of this year’s graduations were to be held at the Veteran’s United Home Loan Amphitheater  rather than the Virginia Beach Convention Center. While plans are nearly finalized, all agreed it would be the most effective way to socially distance during graduation.

The most recent announcement from VBCPS stated that students will now receive six tickets, previously three, based on the size of the graduating class and seating capacity. Live streaming will also be used for members unable to attend.

“Having graduation at the Amphitheater would be a really cool and unique experience. It would be fun considering I was not expecting to even have graduation,” senior Trevor DeWitz said.

Even though plans have yet to be set in stone, the Class of 2021, who has lost so much this year, can expect to have a proper graduation ceremony.