Seniors Taylor Thompson, Costas Delidakis share thoughts on final year

Senior year amidst a pandemic.

Senior coquette captain Taylor Thompson and senior club and activities member Costas Delidakis share their thoughts and opinions about the bizarre experiences they encountered during their final year of high school, during what proved to be an unprecedented and more than a year-long pandemic.

In hopes of returning to a somewhat sense of “normalcy” after a year of abnormalities where students’ lives and mental health were turned sideways, both still plan to make the leap into higher level learning in the fall. Thompson plans to attend Virginia Tech to pursue a degree in Physical Therapy, while Delidakis plans to attend James Madison University to pursue a degree in Biology.

Q: How has the pandemic affected your life in and outside of school?

A: Delidakis- “The pandemic has caused more stress in school and less fun outside of school for me.”

A: Thompson- “In school it has affected the dance team. I wasn’t able to attend school during most of my senior year and COVID has also taken away most of the milestone activities away from senior year.”

Q: Have you found any enjoyment and positives out of your senior year even though it was twisted? If so what?

A: Delidakis- “Yes I have enjoyed the time I have been able to spend with friends and family, but the thing I miss the most is live concerts.”

A: Thompson- “Yes, I love that I am able to spend more time with family and friends before I leave for college and I was still able to make different types of memories for my senior year.”

Q: Has COVID made it difficult for you to get involved within your school this year?

A: Delidakis- “COVID has made it more difficult to be involved this year but I still try my best to be involved.” 

A: Thompson- “I would say COVID has made it more difficult because of all the restrictions the school has in place, but I know it’s for everyone’s safety. 

Q: What are your thoughts on prom being canceled during your senior year?

A: Delidakis- “I think the cancelling of prom was a bummer and we could’ve still had one. My friends and I may try to have our own small prom where we can at least take pictures and go to dinner.”

A: Thompson- “I think there could have been prom and ways to work with the rules for COVID, so it was definitely hard to not have ring dance or prom. A couple of my friends and I are talking about still dressing up, taking pictures and going out to dinner to try to make the most out of it.”

Q: What is your favorite memory and activity that you have participated in during your senior year?

A: Delidakis- “My favorite memory of this senior year was going to my last football game as a student at Cox.”

A: Thompson- “My favorite memory of my senior year is participating in the annual senior assassin event and getting in one normal activity happen this year.”

Q: Are you and your friends/family doing anything in place of prom?

A: Delidakis- “We are still in the process of planning something.”

A: Thompson- “Nothing has been set yet, but we are hoping to still do something with close friends.”

Q: What were your thoughts on losing out on both Ring Dance and Prom?

A: Delidakis- “I think it sucks and we should have something in place of it, but I know it is difficult with all the protocols.”

A: Thompson- “I think we should have had something in place of it, and it really does stink not being able to have either dances.”