Senior Stevie Drum leads Falcon hockey to victory

Senior field hockey captain Stevie Drum has been a key player for the Falcon field hockey team over the past four years, helping the school earn two state titles.

In her final season, Drum scored her 100th goal against Maury High School during regular season play. She has lead the team this season and has been a key player as they pursue the state title once again.

Drum’s hockey career will not end in June, however. She earned a scholarship, committing to play for the University of Richmond field hockey team in the fall. 

Q: What is it like finally being able to lead the team after being on the team for four years?

A: “It is such an honor being able to lead such a great team of girls because they are all very committed to this game and they love playing field hockey. It makes me feel like a great person being able to be in charge of such a talented group of girls.”

Q: Did you have any worries going into the season considering you guys were not given the same amount of training time as the following years due to the pandemic?

A: “It was mentally hard to process, it is not a traditional pre-season or anything, but we have been playing in the fall for a little fun rec league. We have been with the group for a really long time and I wasn’t really that nervous because everyone is super committed and they really care about the game. I didn’t think it would be a question about effort, it was more about a team connection.” 

Q:Do you have any rules or certain steps you follow as a captain this year to really ensure you are leading the team?

A: “ I just try to say off of social media as much as possible because our coach has always told us social media in season is not your friend, it’s usually your enemy. We try to lead by example and show the girls what it is to stretch, eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and stay off your phone. It is a role model thing.”

Q: What makes the team work so well together on the field in order to keep winning state titles?

A: “ It is definitely our connection as a group of girls. It’s really not how we play on the field, we are all friends off the field because I see my teammates literally as my family members, I would never stab them in the back. We are all just a family, literally.”

Q:How do you feel knowing you hit that 100th goal in your high school career, knowing that not everyone is able to do that at your age?

A: “ At first, I was like it is not that big of a deal but then once you hit that 100, it feels surreal. I can’t really process it, still haven’t really fathomed the fact that I did that.”

Q: What’s one thing you’re going to take away from high school field hockey as you transition to the Richmond Spiders next year?

A: “ I definitely think about my work ethic. This team, coach, and the girls have really taught me to work for what I want and I carry that into every aspect of my life. I think when I go to Richmond, I know I am gonna have a really strong work ethic and I know I am going to have to earn my position on that team.”