Boys and girls volleyball teams join senior players in final farewell

Senior night is set aside each season, as a tribute to all senior athletes whose dedication and desire to succeed shines throughout their years as a Falcon. So, even in a pandemic, CHS made this night a priority in order to honor these stellar student-athletes.

Boys and girls volleyball teams senior night was held last Friday in the gym, in between the two games.  Due to more strict COVID restrictions earlier in the school year, there were no sports at all until mid-December and seniors who had given four years to their sport were rightly disappointed when they thought there would be no senior nights in the near future. However, finally, families of seniors were allowed to attend, marking a little over a year since spectators have been allowed in the gym to watch in-person. 

The boys and girls team finished their last home games of the season strong, both teams winning all three sets, 3-0, against the Tallwood High School Lions. The boys team was able to honor six graduating seniors, while the girls honored their own two graduating seniors. 

“We’ve come a long way since freshman year, but sadly, this is our final season and even though it was in the midst of a pandemic, we planned to make the most of it,” senior captain  

Every player, parents, and attendee could feel the bittersweet sentiment in the gym that night. In addition to making new senior night memories, the athletes were given the opportunity to reminisce on all the priceless moments they shared together over the past four years. 

“We are so proud of what all of our team has accomplished and cannot wait to keep cheering them on in the future,” senior captain Morgan Sadowski said.  “They are like our second family and we have faced and conquered so much adversity together over the years.”


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