How-to: DIY Easter treats made easy

Easter Sunday, slated this year on April 4, can still be made fun even with all the Covid social distancing regulations. The Easter holiday is a celebration for people of all ages, signifying the spring season, and is a time of renewal that is generally filled with bright colors and nice weather. And a few simple D. I. Y. ideas should help anyone looking for a few ideas, spice up their holiday.

According to, Americans spend $1.9 billion on Easter candy each year. But, one may ask if simply giving candy is enough and choose to move into a more creative realm for the holiday.

One simple craft that is sure to please younger children is a  handprint paper bunny. To make one of these cute creatures, it’s important to start off with a piece of brightly colored paper and a pencil to trace the child’s handprint. Second, help the child cut out the handprint; then cut off the entire middle finger. Next, fold down both the cut out’s pinky and thumb. Finally, draw two long ovals in the ring and pointer finger for the bunny ears and a face, complete with whiskers on the palm of the hand.

Another cute, but tasty Easter D.I.Y. is to make one’s own Rice Krispie nests. To begin, start by placing one Rice Krispie treat in a muffin tray and using your fingers or a spoon, mold the treat into a bowl shape. Once shaped, add mini eggs candy, as well as edible Easter grass if desired.

Lastly, scrambled egg bunnies are the perfect way to start one’s Easter morning. To make these tasty bunnies,  start by scrambling an egg and placing it into a small bowl. Place two strips of cooked bacon at the top for the ears, two small black olives directly below the bacon for the eyes, and a one-centimeter piece of baby carrot under the olives for the nose. Anyone who likes cheese can add it by slicing it into thin, three-inch long slices. These slices will then be placed around the nose to give the bunny its whiskers, and just like that a scrambled egg bunny is born.

These delicious Easter treats as well as scavenger hunts, crafts, and more can all be found on the Falcon Pinterest Board!

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