SCA ups goal, #LunchBag

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The annual  #LunchBag event on will be held on Friday, Nov. 15, from 2:15-3:15 p.m. in the cafeteria, where students and staff will volunteer to make bagged lunches for the less fortunate. 

#LunchBag is an SCA sponsored event that promotes giving back and spreading love to others.

According to, the event has become more than just a program that feeds the hungry in local communities, but rather an event that brings people together for the greater good and promotes spreading love throughout a community. 

Over the past four years, CHS students and staff have created well over 4,000 bagged lunches for the homeless population and the numbers are continuing to grow. After meeting last year’s goal of 1,600 lunches, SCA upped the ante, making their new goal a total of 1,700 bagged lunches. 

Junior Gresham Wall recently announced that any donations from clubs and organizations throughout the school will be greatly appreciated, donations can include; water, chips, positive notes written by students, or even their time on Nov. 15. 

“Last year we made 1600 sandwiches under forty-five minutes, this year we are expecting to 1700 sandwiches in the same amount of time. We will need as many volunteers as possible to reach our goal, so come out and help,” Wall said. 

SCA Second Vice President and junior Savannah Gibson has worked with teacher Sabrina Shumate, to perfect this event and bring in an even larger turn out than past years. 

“We’ve put in a lot of hard work to make #LunchBag possible. We couldn’t even put on this event without the community’s help, so it’s amazing to see everyone helping out by donating items and volunteering their time,” Gibson said. 

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