How to: create DIY Halloween costumes

Fall can be an eventful time of year, especially for high school students, because of all the school events, preparation for college, testing, part-time jobs, etc. Thus, a break is always nice; one of those breaks can be Halloween preparation and all that the holiday entails.

Although high schoolers do not always have the necessary time and/or money to go out and buy a Halloween costume, these creative last-minute ideas can provide a quick and cheap solution.

According to Woman’s Day magazine, people would be surprised at what they can pull together from their closets for an easy Halloween costume that’s sure to win best-dressed.

One of the simplest DIY costumes requires a bag of Smarties. The low cost candy can transform an everyday outfit into a funny costume. Taping or gluing packs of Smarties onto a regular pair of pants, creates ‘Smarty Pants’, an adorable and simple costume that’s not only unique, but comical as well.

Another uncomplicated costume design is to create a “Dynamic Duo”. Dynamic duo costumes based off of various color schemes are effortless and easy to recognize. Friends could wear red and yellow for ketchup and mustard, white and black for salt and pepper, and pink and yellow for Spongebob and Patrick. The list of color associated costumes is endless. 

Many older trends are also making a comeback. Just as in previous decades, it is common for girls to have flared jeans, scrunchies, and neon colors accessible in their closets. Try collaborating the clothing and creating one groovy, throwback costume. 

These costume ideas are just a few of the infinite possibilities.  Using one’s creativity can result in a costume that is more appealing than one from a store.

In addition, creating one’s own costume is an awesome option for any teens who are on a budget or who are scrambling to find that perfect outfit. Homemade costumes are not only personalized, but they can be put back into the closet and passed on.

Check out our Falcon Press Pinterest Board for a few of our ‘pinned’ costume ideas.

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