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Humans of CHS: April 2019 Edition

As a tribute to the social media blog "Humans of NY, " the Falcon Press staff decided to create a spin-off entitled, " Humans of CHS. " Staff members will roam the halls weekly until they find a " human" with an inspirational bit of advice, unusual story to tell, or who simply wants to chat about life.

“Many times, the universe gets confused with its priorities. By that I mean many people do not value the fascinating nature that surrounds us. The current generation is swarmed by technology whether it be social media, texting, face time, or browsing online. Our eyes stay glued to our phones. I noticed this early on and chose not to get wrapped up in technology, so my family and I proposed that we would try to do as many outside activities as possible. One of our favorite things to do is go camping as far away as possible. Not only do we leave our phones and devices at home, we spend all of our time together enjoying nature. Even if we did bring our phones, the temptation decreases when you are doing something fun outside of technology, and we most likely wouldn’t have a signal to communicate with the outside world. It is hard to give up technology temporarily for most us,including myself. However, over time I have been afforded the opportunity to experience life outside of a phone screen. While camping I participate in a plethora of activities including running and hiking. These activities may seem boring at first but they help you stay fit and provide you with a different viewpoint of nature. You may see something you’ve never seen before or develop a realization you never thought of. Also, I spend time reading in a hammock and playing board games with my family. These games improve your intellect and can also help build relationships that don’t require a text back or a call. It is surely a hard adjustment to step away from technology but it can improve your overall mood and mental health if you step out of your comfort zone and try something new and exciting. Technology is overrated, yet increasingly ” needed.” It is time to put limitations on this. When will you take a break?”

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Humans of CHS: April 2019 Edition

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