Letters to the editor: Juuling remains popular among teens

Dear Editor,

I agree Juuls are a harmful form of smoking that could have unknown effects on the body. Juuls are as addictive, if not more, than regular cigarettes. The nicotine salts don’t leave an uncomfortable feeling like traditional cigarettes, creating a false sense of security. The nicotine salts are also absorbed at a similar rate to traditional cigarettes, unlike other e-cigarettes. Many effects are still unknown and could be more dangerous than previously thought. There hasn’t been enough time since Juul’s rise in popularity to properly conduct experiments. The toxins and flavorings in Juuls may cause issues in the long run that have not been experienced yet. The ignorance of many people who vape could create a slew of problems in the future along with the possibility of getting addicted.

~junior Ann Staskin


Dear Editor,

Juuls have been becoming a widespread phenomenon, especially for the high school generation. I completely agree with your claim that juuling is becoming just another generation of addiction that has to end. An interesting point that I feel should be brought up is that the device is something very new to our culture. Therefore, there is not as much research available to give a clear picture of the dangers of juuling. Still, it is important to keep in mind that the lack of research does not make the danger and possibility any less real.

~junior Alex Perez


Dear Editor,

While I do agree that there are many harmful side [effects] that Juuls can have on the body, I disagree that they are trying to appeal to the younger generation. The Juul brand was created solely to help cigarette smokers quit. Several minors have gotten their hands on them but it’s better than them smoking cigarettes which many of them still do.

~senior Tori Hopper